Travel Photography Quick Tips: Granville Island

Travel Photography Tips, exploring Granville Island, whether you are a Small Business, a Blogger or just love sharing your travel photos on Social Media, follow these tips for great memories.  Often when we are taking a day trip to a local spot that we love, we just do our thing and we don’t really see it like we did the first time we ventured there.  I challenge you to bring your camera and capture the magic of one of your treasured spots as if seeing it for the first time again:)  Imagine you are going to share all of the highlights, the allure and charm of this sweet location that has stolen your heart.

My QUICK TIPS for highlighting a travel spot, whether near or far, is to always show a WIDE, MEDIUM and CLOSE-UP to give the full experience of your location.  There is nothing worse than showing photos from a holiday or fav day trip and they are all the same perspective, same distance, usually all kind of Medium Wide shots with no context of the “whole” place and space.

Starting with a WIDE shot will give you the big picture and the atmosphere.


A MEDIUM shot will give you another perspective, a closer look with still some context of the environment included.

whatisee_granville_0024And a CLOSE-UP shot with more of the detail of the location, will provide a feeling of being there.

whatisee_granville_0052Here are three more from a different view, again layering up the WIDE to show the environment and an overall feel of the spot, then your MEDIUM with a little more personality of your location and finally the CLOSE-UP with the finer details to give you that I’m standing right there feeling;)  If you found these tips helpful please share with a friend, if you need Professional Photography for your business let’s chat:)