Travel Details Photo Quick Tips: The Details Granville Island

Travel Details Photo Quick Tips, whether you are a Small Business, a Blogger or just love sharing your travel photos on Social Media, be sure to capture the essence of your favourite travel destination (local or abroad).  #amonthofdiscovery. It is often difficult trying to grab the finer details of a location, it can become overwhelming as it is hard to decide which details make the most sense to photograph.  Granville Island can be a sensory overload with the beautiful mix of food, nature, markets and people.

My Quick Tips on capturing Travel Details are to look around and take in whatever grabs my attention.  Not only what i see, but all of my senses…what can you smell, what is the ground like that you are walking on, what do you hear…these are the details I like to photograph, so that I can look back and remember the feeling of being there in the moment.

Always take a photo of THE NAME OF THE LOCATION because even though you think you will remember it forever, the name of the city, castle, hotel or place is sometimes the first to be forgotten.


I love to HAVE A RECORD OF THE PRICES of market finds, it is fun to look back in 5yrs or 10yrs and have a laugh at how much the prices/inflation has changed;)  Remember to LOOK UP as well, as there are usually little hidden treasures that you not have normally have seen.


When I think of Granville Island I always THINK OF THE SOUND of the seaguls as well as constantly hearing the wings flapping on pigeons flying around scrounging for food.


And of course food in the market is a huge part of the entire experience, so be sure to CAPTURE THE FOOD of your destination, it is much easier to “show” something in a photo, than having to explain all the details;)  If you found these tips helpful please share with a friend, if you need Professional Photography for your business let’s chat:)