Tony Hazleden Eclipse Hair Design: Small Business Make-over

Tony Hazleden is the proud owner of a new business, Eclipse Hair Design Inc., here is White Rock.  There is nothing like owning your own business, it is definitely a load of work, but also great joy as well. If there is anything that can get you through the ups and downs of business ownership it is a brilliant sense of humour and Tony’s got bucket loads of that!

He has a million great stories and that is what draws you to him immediately, never mind that he is from London and if you like the English you will love his witty banter.  Oh did I mention he is the most amazing colourist around?  He specializes in colour, painting your hair in just the right tones…or covering the grey;)  But he also has the best hairdresser in town working along side him named Jelena Soro.  I have had my hair done a few times by the both of them and they make the BEST team!  Here are a few shots I took for their Social Media platforms, you can find Tony on Instagram here.



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