Tony Hazelden Eclipse Hair Design: Visual Content

Tony Hazelden is the new owner of Eclipse Hair Design right here in White Rock, if you are looking for an awesome colourist he is your man.  I’d say one of the greatest assets to any business owner is a brilliant sense of humour and Tony has English wit like no other, he is always ready with a good story and a laugh.


Tony has trained in London, England, but also trained under the famous Suki herself right here in Vancouver, BC.  I love that all of our life experiences influence the final product we produce, we can all use the same tools of the trade, but each of us will produce a little different results.  Whether your tool is a paint brush, scissors or a camera, it is how you manage and/or manipulate that tool that effects the final results.  That is the magic of finding someone who’s work you love and admire, it is the operator of the tools that makes the different, not necessarily the tools themselves.  I mean I could colour your hair, but it is fair to say it is a gamble what the results would be, haha, professionals keep it consistent and create an awesome experience…no gambling involved;)  Here are a few of the shots I captured for Tony to share on Social Media with a few tips for good hair along the way.


In conclusion (thanks for still reading if you have gotten this far!) I highly recommend Tony for a fab colour, whether you are looking for something new or just covering up a few greys, he is top notch!  And Jelena Soro is on his team cutting hair like to other.  You can find Tony on Instagram here, or just give him a call 604.560.5110, the old fashion way.