Telling a Story Photo Quick Tips: Perspective

Here are a few Quick Tips on how to tell a great story with photos, by simply changing up your PERSPECTIVE.  MINK Chocolate Cafe (South Surrey) was the perfect setting to tell this rainy day adventure.  Whether you are a Small Business, a Blogger or just love sharing your story through photos on Social Media, be sure to change up your point of view (POV) to keep it exciting and interesting for both yourself and your viewers. #amonthofsharing

When telling a story either verbally or through a visual medium you must always strive for a beginning, middle and end to keep your audience engaged.  A great way to do that is to keep the story intriguing and leave the viewer wanting more.  I have done that here by changing up my PERSPECTIVE, by shooting outside looking in, then from above, we start to interpret what is happening. A couple sharing a coffee and some Smores…yummy!


And here the story continues with a few DIFFERENT ANGLES and change in PERSPECTIVE.  Don’t be afraid to physically move around, get close, get low, stand on a chair…change it up and invite your viewer into the action…  Ummmm, is it just me or do you now have a sudden desire for roasted marshmellows and chocolate?!?

whatisee_feb2015_people_02And last, but not least…here I have shot from above, directly in front and then from above/behind.  Play, shoot, share and most of all have fun! If you found these tips helpful please share with a friend, if you need Professional Photography for your business let’s chat:)