Tara and Wes Realtors Rebranding: Visual Content

When Tara and Wes Realtors with MacDonald Realty, were ready for a rebranding they came to me to discuss their Visual Content options.  They also wanted to create an Instagram account for their business to use as a marketing tool and to engage/grow a community that they could add value to.

They are award winning Realtors serving the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, BC, so they are aware of the role and positive impact Social Media can have on their Brand.  We discussed strategy, who their ideal client was and we came up with a photo and video plan that would be easy to execute.  The Visual Content we were producing had to match their image which is professional, knowledgable, hard working, yet modern fun and stylish.  I’m super happy with the results as were they.  You can find them no Instagram and FB, links via their website www.taraandwes.ca.  Thanks for stopping by!