Summer Sippin’ : Food Styling

Summer Sippin’ Food Styling a little eye candy with a recipe attached;)  I kinda love this time of year when all of the local fruit is so ripe, abundant and super juicy.  I mean strawberries, blueberries, all the berries in the land are calling my name, so I decided to make the most refreshing and delish Strawberry Blueberry Lemonade that you ever did taste!  And I took a few beautiful photos along the way because well what is a Photographer supposed to do on her day off…it’s just the way I am:)

When styling food, I start with the end in mind, I make a little drawing and place the “props” (glasses, jugs, straws etc…) where I think they work.  Next I shoot the ingredients individually for the story, then shoot at each stage of adding an ingredient, until you get to the final layer and then just play.  The art to food styling is to create space around the star and place “props” sparingly to compliment the main subject.  Have one focal point and layer around it, then take a couple of shots, different angles to see it makes you go “ohhhhhhh, yes!”, then you know your’ve got it!

The full recipe is up on the Steller Stories here, or you can download the free app and search my user name: whatiseephoto, but here is a little sneak peek to get you motivated to make it…  If you try it and like it please share with friends and family, if you are in need of a super bubbly photographer with a wicked eye for detail that can make everything shiny and sparkle…get in touch:)