South Surrey Photographer – Product Photography Tips

Here are 5 Top Product Photography Tips that can be applied whether taking photos of a product for a Small Business or perhaps even a detail shot for your family holiday album.  Clearly I recommend a Professional Photography for best results with business photos, but if you are on a tight budget or having to do it yourself, here is a place to start.

To get a shot like this is definitely a process, it took me 40shots, 4 different backgrounds and 25mins, but I got there in the end!  And this was the final result and the very last shot I took.  Sometimes you get it in the first few shots, sometimes the last, but take you time and try these tips…

Product Photography TipsTip#1- Get good light.  Make sure you position the product in a good light source, whether that is natural or artificial (flash, studio, lamp).  Natural is best for a soft look like above.  And diffused or indirect is also best for a more even dreamy look.  If you use a direct light source (ie. the sun or flash directed at subject) you will get harsh shadows, so be aware of the direction of your light.  Don’t be afraid to move your subject around until you find just the right spot.

Tip#2- Have different backdrops available.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money for table top backdrops, just go to your local stationery store and purchase a few different piece of fancy paper with different designs and textures to create a beautiful extra element, depth and dimension to your image.

Tip#3- Try different perspective.  You are to start somewhere, so place you subject on your backdrop and compose the first shot, have a look and adjust, repeat, repeat until you get that right shot.  Don’t be afraid to try different angles, shot from above, the side, move around the subject or move the subject, but definitely take from a few different angles.

Tip#4- Try different focal points.  You need to find the star of the shot, where you want your focus and where the eye will be drawn to first.  Try to keep the focal point within the rule of thirds, but change it around in the frame.  For above I tried different color of candy as the focal point and finally thought the white and pink were the “best” stars for the shoot as they complimented each other.

Tip#5- Macro.  The above was shot with a Macro 100mm f2.8 lens, but most cameras have a “macro” setting or little “flower” setting which enables a shallow depth of field when shooting a subject up close.  Play around with the setting and see what you can get, challenge yourself.

Here is an example of the 40 images I took to get the above image, following the above rules.  Hopefully this helps the next time you go to take a detail shot whether for your business or personal use, I’m sure it will be a winner!!  Happy shooting:)  If you like this post please share with friends and family and/or leave a comment!

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