Small Business Photos – Dr.Budd Ortho Office

I LOVE working with Small Businesses, especially when they have the BEST energy!!  I had the pleasure of shooting Small Business Photos for Dr.Budd Ortho Office in Langley, their staff is amazzzzzzing!  They are professional with a sense of humor, win/win;) I take my own children there, but even if I didn’t I would recommend them to EVERYONE without exception.

It was great to get to the office and see everyone had taken my recommendations to heart, they were all dolled up, wearing complimentary colors and raring to go:) Okay I don’t know if they were exactly raring to go, but within minutes they were well relaxed and creating some simple, yet gorgeous headshots.  I’m delighted with the end result of their Group Photo as well, a big thanks goes out to Dr.Budd for being open to trying that idea!!  Letting professionals do what they do best only makes them shine even brighter:)  Looking forward to seeing these shots up on their new website soon!

SMALL BUSINESS HEADSHOTS TIP:  Coordinate your staff to have similar or complimentary colors, this way you look like a team and no one stands out for the wrong reasons;)  Also, keep the style of clothing similar, formal vs. casual…every little piece helps!

Small Business Headshots - Dr.Budd