Salsa A Love Story: Food Photography

Salsa A Love Story, I love Food Photography as much as I love food, so this was a pure pleasure project.  There are few things I love more than creating tasty treats, styling them and then eating them…ooops I mean sharing them with my beautiful foodie friends, if they are around, ha;)  I basically combed through a load of Salsa recipes on the hunt for THE perfect recipe and when I couldn’t find one that had everything I love I mix the best of the best and came up with my own, thank you Google;)

As mentioned in a previous post the new love of my life is the Steller app, it is story telling heaven (and yes, I appreciate I am throwing the love word around a lot, I just have a lotta of love to go around).  You can tell the most beautiful little story with photos, video and words in the most modern magazine style layouts around.  Here is a sneak peek at my Salsa creation and you can find the full recipe here on Steller under user name whatiseephoto, that’s me Michelle:)

If you like please share with a friends and family (invite me too) and if you are in need of a skilled photographer, that is also a ninja in the kitchen, and has an appetite for creating the most mouth watering images…get in touch!