Portrait Photographer – Photography Tips on Composition

Well we are at Day 7 in our May Photo Challenge and I wanted to take a moment to say well done to everyone that has participated on the What I See FB Page as well as Instagram #whatiseephoto.  It definitely takes time and dedication to stop what you are doing, think of how you will portray the theme, get the creative juices flowing, compose the shot and upload/post it online.  There is also a sense of vulnerability in putting your work out there, so I’m super proud of the photos I’ve seen and the stories that have been shared (even the ones behind the scenes)!!  And let’s be honest the more you shoot the better you will become, so always practice and try new things:)

Today I wanted to share these Photography Tips on Composition, 3 things to watch for and work on when taking your next photo.  Use the below photos as a guide.

  1. Shoot both vertical and horizontal (I tend to shoot mostly horizontal, but vertical works better for some projects, if you don’t have it, you can’t use it!)
  2. Use the Rule of Thirds (imagine your image is divided with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, making 9 equal sections.  Keep your focal point along the “third” line and/or where the third lines intersect)
  3. Take a wide angle, medium and close-up of your subject (you never know what will work best for your end project)

Photo Tips Composition