People Photo Quick Tips: Weekend Wanderer

People Photo Quick Tips, the Weekend Wanderer, Granville Island.  Whether you are a Small Business, a Blogger or just love sharing your people photos on Social Media, be sure to capture a variety of expressions and mood of the person(s)  within the environment. #amonthofdiscovery

My People Photo QUICK TIPS are to keep things MOVING, you want to be able to catch the atmosphere of the location.  If your subject is relaxed your images will be more natural and fun.  Often we see so many stiff, “posed” getaway pictures that don’t effectively tell a true story of the place and space.  In my opinion the best shots are those that are full of expression and really own the mood of the moment, your subject doesn’t have to be staring into the camera to create a “great” shot.

Here is a great RELAXED moment reflecting the feel of Granville Island, coffee, work, casual, and fun.


Quick Tips get your subject MOVING, it is great way to grab a feel of the location without standing like a statue in front of beautiful space, this is more of a lifestyle shot.  Free and fun.


Granville Island is known for it brightly colored metal walls, so be sure to include FUN LITTLE DETAILS like this in your people shots, be silly and enjoy yourself.


Engage in a local activity…like here feeding the pigeons, we definitely captured THE MOOD, there was fear and then confidence (or less fear), haha,  great memories!


The day out ended with a cold pint at Granville Island Brewery, of course it was packed and no window seats available, so as usual with bad ugly lighting, convert the shot to black and white, but get in nice and close and RECORD THAT MOMENT OF ANTICIPATION.  Play, shoot, share and most of all have fun! If you found these tips helpful please share with a friend, if you need Professional Photography for your business let’s chat:)