Lifestyle Photographer – Dancers in Motion – Breaking Similitude

These images were captured during the rehearsal and filming of an amazing dance called BREAKING SIMILITUDE, created by our very own Gemma Crowe.  It was such a thrill to be able to take these behind the scene shots and dive into all of the hard work and passion that goes into one 5mins dance.  These women train for hours, days, weeks…tweak the routine, practice, practice, practice with such fierceness and drive it is just such an inspiration and incredible experience to witness.  I’m so grateful to have met, photographed and filmed this powerful piece.

Gemma and I met at Film School and have been creating magic behind the camera ever since, but this young lady is a multitalented talented individual and a force to be reckoned with.

Story of Gemma and Dance:

She took ballet as a child, but it wasn’t until later after she had taken soccer, gymnastics, singing, skating and piano that she was able to fully appreciate the art of dance.  She fell in love with the practice and process of dance, she was encouraged to experience every aspect even the failure.  Dance made her feel alive and capable of anything, this paired with the adrenaline and ever evolving physicality made her feel strong and confident.  Movement, music, time and space allow her to exist in her rawest state, it’s a practice in building everything from a true and honest base.

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