Inspired Results Group: Visual Content Media

It was a pleasure to work with Life Coaches Diane Lloyd and Tracey Gibson from Inspired Results Group on their Visual Content Media package.  They were just getting ready to launch a new stream of their business called Create Your Inspired Life After 40 and I was excited to hear their plans and help their online media presence reflect this new project.

I have actually known Tracey for over 20yrs now, but it was my first time working with Diane.  I loved the way these two complimented each others strengths so perfectly, they were a dream team and I could only imagine this project would lead them to success.  They were just getting ready to launch a Radio Show that would run for 14 wks on, so very exciting times.  If you are in need of Coaching Services please check them out here

Here are a few of the images we captured for their new venture.  They wanted images that reflected conversation, friendship, connection, comfort and confidence.