Everyday Photographer – June Photo Challenge 2014

Join us for the June Photo Challenge, be an Everyday Photographer and see what magic you can create in one month!! Play along on either What I See FB Page or What I See Instagram (see rules below), remember to add #whatiseephoto to your photos so we can follow:)  You must “like” on FB or “follow” on Instagram.  CREATE, INSPIRE, SHARE

What I See June Photo Challenge

Here are a few of my favs from the May Photo A Day Challenge.

June Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge Rules:
1. It must be a new photo (unless “old” stated)
2. Photo can be taken on any type of camera (phone included), get creative.
3. Post your image in the comments section of that day (ie. find Day 1- Flower and post your flower photo in the comments section) this way we can all follow the thread and see all of the awesome work!! (DO NOT post on the page, ONLY in the comments section of the post, thx so much!).
4. Got busy and missed a day, don’t stress just go find that day and post in the comments section (you won’t be eligible for the one-on-one, but you can still have fun!).
5. You have to either have “liked” this Page or follow whatiseephoto on Instagram to be eligible to win the 1hr One-on-One Q&A with me Michelle Moore:) You can ask any Photography questions and if you are out of town we can Skype!
6. Don’t stress, this is a relaxed atmosphere and meant to inspire others, be inspired and have fun!! Good luck, enjoy and thanks for coming out:)
(If posting on Instagram please use #whatiseephoto to play along)