Child Photographer – Sisters

These little ladies have been coming to me since they were in their Mommy’s tummy!  There is something about sisters that is so super sweet, maybe it is the way they way they communicate without words, I’m not sure, but it is so lovely to witness:)  I love being able to get silly and capture a piece of their individual personalities, truth be told I often encourage the sassy stuff, haha;)

We were playing a guessing game, I was trying to guess the oldest sister’s middle name and when I said “London?”, she said “oh London shall we go have a cup of tea with the Queen?”, bhahaha!!  Where did that come from? Then she had to stop for a bagel break and show me her dance moves, a great way to spend the morning:)  As a Child Photographer there is no rushing anything, it is all about reading their body language and following their queues and let’s not forget the most important part…let you inner kid free!!

These photos bring back memories to this one photo session in which my little sister insisted on pulling a fish face with cheeks sucked in…in every photo, haha!!  And those were taken in the film days…my Mom still bought all of the proofs, yay Mom!  Without those we would have nothing today, so grateful for the few photos we still have left:)

These photos will be enjoyed for years to come, so happy I could be a part of that:)  If you enjoyed these photos please leave a comment and share one of your favorite childhood photo memories!

Surrey Child Photographer