Black & White vs Color: Photo Quick Tips

Here are a few Quick Tips choosing BLACK & WHITE vs COLOR.  There are many factors that go into the decision, I hope this will give you a few details to consider.  I shot at Stanley Park, where ocean meets both forest and city, this was the perfect location to grab a few different shots to demonstate the difference between b&w and color. Whether you are a Small Business, a Blogger or just love sharing your story through photos on Social Media, be sure to CHANGE up the look and feel of your images, an easy way to do that is by converting some images to b&w and alternating between the two finishes. #amonthofchange

There are certain subjects that naturally lend themselves to color, like food and flowers (of course there are exceptions), so I have shot examples of subjects that we often see in both b&w and color and maybe struggle to know when to convert.  I actually had the intention of shooting landscape only, but then I thought most of the images I convert to b&w are typically people photos or photos with a lot of negative space, so I have included a sample of both.

First the landscape shots.  The first shot is very busy with city, ocean and dense trees, among other things, like boats etc…  I think when an image holds so many elements and the color is an important factor in setting the mood of the image, then color is your best choice.  The bright blue of the sky really impacts this image, is reflected in the water and absolutely adds value to the shot.  Also, I find the trees very heavy and muddy looking when converted to b&w, so for me COLOR is the clear winner here.


Here is a different vantage point without the trees and in this shot I could kinda of go either way, I def love the blue tones, but I also love how you are drawn into the details of the sailboats and buildings…hmmm I’m calling this one a tie;)

whatisee_mar2015_places_01 Now onto people photos, more specifically portrait.  People could also mean “Street Photography” or many other styles of “people” shots.  Here I am focused on an up-close portrait shot.  Again I do like both b&w and color…I love the soft hues of the color and the warmth it brings to the image…that beautiful “golden hour” light, but I just adore the clarity and focus on the personality in b&w.  I think the overall appeal of b&w is that is strips the image of any distraction, the main focus is usually on the eyes in a portrait or on the highest area of contrast.  This allow the viewer to concentrate on the finer details, the expression and the texture.

whatisee_mar2015_places_03Another deciding factor is that black and white is so very timeless, classic and artistic.  You often can’t tell “when” it was taken and there is beauty in that.  What are your thoughts?  Black and White or Color, which do you use most and which do like best on these photos?  I’d love to hear from you:)  Ultimately it is really a personal decision, but I hope that my point of view helped you choose your next black and white image!  Play, shoot, share and most of all have fun! If you found these tips helpful please share with a friend, if you need Professional Photography for your business let’s chat:)