Berry Sexy Shortcakes : Food Photography

Here is a sweet summer recipe that is simple, yet sure to make you look like the Queen (or King) of desserts!  Join me on a Food Photography odyssey while we explore all the fun you can have with a Macro lens in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of these Berry Sexy Shortcakes:)  Photos speak volumes, so for this story I tried something a little different and made it very minimalist with few words and heavy on the eye candy, ha;)

The Markets have been overflowing with plump ripe locally grown beautiful fruit here is British Columbia for the past month…I should know as I am there every other day, ha;)  I thought I would put a twist on the classic Strawberry Shortcake and incorporated all of the seasonal berries to make this crazy delicious saucy treat!  The full recipe can be found here on Steller my user name is whatiseephoto, you don’t need the app to view the recipe, just click the link and swipe away;)  If you like or even LOVE the recipe please share with family and friends and if you or someone you know needs some killer photos for work or family fun please send them my way!  Enjoy and have a super fun and happy day:)  MM xo