Beach Photo Quick Tips: Crescent Beach

Here are a few Quick Tips on how to get great beach shots, these were taken at my local beach…and favourite place to hang out Crescent Beach.  Whether you are a Small Business, a Blogger or just love sharing your beach/travel photos on Social Media, be sure to capture a variety shots at different times of the day to grab the essence of the environment. #amonthofsharing

I spend most of my spare time at Crescent Beach…give me a book, camera and a coffee and I can get lost here for hours;)  It is a great place to share a walk, a story, a rock hunt, a sunset or share a blanket and read books.

I often see holiday photos that are repetitive, it is sunset after sunset after sunset from the exact same spot, it loses it’s excitement after a while.  And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE taking a beautiful sunset shot, but that one look is not a true representation of your location. The key is to make sure to take photos at different times of day and not only sunset or sunny days, the everyday look.  ps. I speak from experience because I have been guilty of this myself, haha;)

Here is an example of the same spot mid-morning and again in the evening, completely different looks and feeling, but both equally lovely. I also usually underexpose landscape images by 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop to get the super rich deep tones.

whatisee_feb2015_travel_01Within the same week we were in a blanket of fog and I captured a few beautiful ethereal shots of the same location, different point of view, but you can see how the feel is a complete contrast to the above shots.  So, although Crescent Beach is known for it’s stunning sunsets, it has many faces and I was happy to see it represented this way…a little more mysterious and soft.  These images are in color, but look almost black and white. Play, shoot, share and most of all have fun! If you found these tips helpful please share with a friend, if you need Professional Photography for your business let’s chat:)