What I See Photo & Video is all about visual storytelling.  All images, still or motion are captured with vision and captured with love.  Everyone has a story.  Through the lens of the camera we tell authentic stories that let our clients shine.  Whether you are looking for a photo session or a video shoot, we deliver an outstanding, high quality and high impact end product.

Michelle Moore What I See Photography

Michelle Moore (Owner/Photographer/Writer/Director)

With a background in Project Management, and having gone to school for both Photography and Digital Film Production, Michelle is crazy passionate about the art of storytelling.  She has been a Portrait Photographer for over 10 years and most recently added Filmmaker to her skill set to push her storytelling ability to a new level.  She brings not only her technical knowledge of the appropriate camera gear, lens choice and most effective composition, but also her ability to draw on your story and pinpoint the most impactful and poignant parts.  She also brings a sense of ease and comfort to her clients with her relaxed attitude and sincere happiness to meet and get to know them.  She would describe her style of Photography, as well as the What I See Brand, as sophisticated fun.  (Michelle is in charge of Pre-Production and Production)


Fun Facts about Michelle:

  • Favorite all time movie: Beaches
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • Favorite city: Amsterdam
  • Favorite sport: Soccer (CFC)
  • Favorite quote: ”Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”  Mother Teresa
  • Favorite sound: Laughter, that unbridled kind, that is absolutely contagious


About Gemma Crowe What I See Photo & Video

Gemma Crowe (Sound Technician/Video Editor/Assistant Director)

With a Performance Arts degree from the University of Calgary and her graduation from Film School, Gemma brings both movement and sound skills like no other.  Gemma is passionate about effectively portraying client’s movement and emotion with a killer story at the heart of all of her directing, editing and music selection.  With her innate ability to visualize the end result, Gemma brings the essential insight needed to guide the process to a powerful end.  She is the eyes, ears and feeling of the project.  (Gemma is in charge of Production and Post-Production)




Fun Facts about Gemma:

  • Favorite all time movie: The Graduate
  • Favorite food: Soup
  • Favorite city: New York
  • Favorite sport: Dance (Contemporary)
  • Favorite quote: “I think an artist’s responsibility is more complex than people realize.” Jodie Foster
  • Favorite sound: Coffee percolating